10 Feb 2010

An additional feature has been added to StoreFront in order to reduce administration for you and offer your clients a speedy checkout process. This new feature can automatically calculate the total delivery costs based on size and weight of the entire order and at the same time for any delivery options preferred by users.

This way your clients will be pleased to not only buy your products online, but to know precisely what the delivery costs are. The business software Neetrix is offering can now be set up for multiple delivery options for your clients. You can pick from First Class, Next Day, Weekend Delivery for example, and the new feature will automatically calculate the delivery costs in each case and will add them to the clients order. Dimensions and weight of order will be taken into account when these are specified.

For you, this means administration is reduced considerably and for your clients it means they have an immediate means of purchasing an order. 

StoreFront is seamlessly integrated with SiteFront so your clients can easily navigate through your website and use the ecommerce solutions offered by StoreFront. Neetrix business software helps you create a professionally looking ecommerce store alongside your website. Your StoreFront application will be easily used by your clients while at the same time your administrative work is greatly reduced. While your customers can order the products they need in the quantity and at the moment they prefer, all the data about their orders will be instantly available for them and for you. You can check the status of all the orders, whether they are confirmed, shipped or cancelled and add any additional information when products are purchased. You will know when orders are processed and shipped. 

Whenever you need, you can add products and categories or subcategories. Everything will be taken into account by the new feature for delivery calculations. Existing records are instantly updated, so the store database will contain all the updated information about your products. You can create any additional, customer-specific pricing options. StoreFront can check the current inventory level for a product and prevent customers from ordering more than what is available. When calculating shipping charges for the product, StoreFront will take into account the package dimensions, weight or any other features assigned to your products. You can add product options to one product or to multiple products in your ecommerce site. You will easily manage the product inventory with StoreFront and inventory levels will be automatically updated when orders are placed.

In the future, we plan to add new features to this delivery system so that businesses and clients would be able to track orders online. The ecommerce solution available for you with Neetrix will cover all the advanced ecommerce features that you need in order to run your business smoothly and competitively.

10 February 2010 10:17 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Dana Paradovschi
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