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Important Notice

Please read these terms carefully before using this website. By using this site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do no accept these terms, do not use www.neetrix.com or admin.neetrix.com.

Neetrix Ltd. products and services are an internet based Business Control and Management systems aimed at small and medium sized businesses and not for individuals below 18 years of age.

Your use of any Neetrix product may also be governed by the terms of a software licence which may contain additional terms.

Any other third party products or services described on our site which are supplied by the relevant third party are subject to that third party's terms and conditions. We do not endorse, warrant the accuracy of any information about those products or services, or affirm the quality or suitability of those products or services for your use.

About Neetrix Limited

Neetrix Limited is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales under the Company Registration Number 06496242. Our VAT Number is GB 935 0377 24.

Overview of Site Conditions

  1. Definitions
  2. Agreement
  3. General Information
  4. Subscription
  5. Price, Services & Payment
  6. Cancellation & Refunds
  7. Intellectual Property
  8. Data Protection
  9. Confidentiality
  10. Exclusion and limitation of liability
  11. Indemnity
  12. General Discretion
  13. Regulation
  14. Applicable Law
  15. Contact

1. Definitions

"We”, “us, “our" refers to Neetrix Ltd. which is a private limited company registered in England and Wales under Neetrix Ltd. Registration Number 06496242.

"You”, “Subscriber" refers to the purchaser of the subscription service from Neetrix Ltd..

"Registered Users" refers to all registered as users of the service.

"Service" or "System" refers to all ‘neetrix.com’ material and resources supplied to the subscriber via the website or transmitted (electronically or otherwise) directly to the subscriber by Neetrix Ltd., in accordance with these terms and conditions.

“Acceptance” means an electronic communication from us accepting your Order.

“electronic communication” means an electronic communication between us by use of mediums such as, but not limited to: Neetrix Live Chat, Tickets, telephone, fax or e-mail.

“casual visitors” means a user of the Site who is not a Subscriber.

“Order” means your contractual offer to buy products or services from us by placing an order through our website.

“Conditions” means these standard terms and conditions for our supply of products and/or services.

“Contract” means the contract between us for the licensing of Software and/or the sale of other products and/or the supply of any services (collectively, the "supply"), as set out in paragraph 3.

"Website" or "Site" refers to www.Neetrix.com and any other website published past present or future by Neetrix Ltd. from which the service is supplied.

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2. Agreement

This document defines the agreement between Neetrix Ltd. (the supplier) and the Subscriber that governs supply of the Service. Subscription of services and/or products runs on a calendar monthly basis.

Access to the Site by casual visitors is permitted on a temporary basis, and we may restrict access to any and/or to all parts of the Site, at our discretion.

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3. General Information

Neetrix Ltd. is an online service provider of business software applications and tools. Neetrix Ltd. which is provided through the Website located at www.Neetrix.com or any website past, present or future relating to this service. It includes content, search facilities, downloadable software, material, links and any other internet based services provided by us from time to time at this Site.

We shall provide the Service to you under the following conditions:

  • It is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions on our website carefully and to raise any problems with us before you place your order. That includes these conditions, our terms of use and privacy policy, any applicable software licenses and any specific terms that are available on our website.
  • This agreement is entered into on the basis that you are an authorised to do so in your respective capacities.
  • Your acceptance of the terms and conditions herein is binding on yourself and/or your represented business.
  • By clicking the "Register" button at the registration page, you warrant that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions stated herein. These replace and supersede any previous offer or terms and conditions previously posted on our site or entered into verbally or otherwise between you and us.
  • On purchasing the service you thus subscribe to the service and hence gain access to it for the duration of a defined licence period details of which will appear at the purchase confirmation stage.

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4. Subscription

You will be responsible for selecting the Products and/or Services you wish to buy, for supplying your delivery address, for telling us how you wish to pay and for giving us any other information we request to enable us to fulfil your order and comply with the contract. All information you submit to us must be adequate, relevant, accurate and up to date.


For access to all the online content supplied on the service, you are required to pay a monthly fee in accordance to our current pricing for the range of services we provide which can be found at our pricing page. If you would like to take up longer subscription options, please contact us for further information.


Payment for the Service can be taken in the following ways:

  • Through invoice
  • By credit/debit card online via our secure payment gateway
  • By credit/debit card over the telephone to our telesales operators.

In the case of payment through invoice, you will be invoiced at the same time as the subscription set-up confirmation email is sent by our system. Our invoice payment term is 7 (seven) days.

In the case of an online payment or payment via our telesales operators, we shall send written confirmation of your subscription purchase to your stated email address detailing in addition to your other statutory requirements of our scope of service, term of the subscription and value of your order.

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, we will check to see whether the transaction is authorised.

Completion of the Order

It is your responsibility to check your order carefully to identify any errors and to correct them prior to placing your order. The website allows you to cancel your draft order, and to edit any details and once you have finished checking and correcting your order, please print out a copy before placing it.


You may receive an acknowledgement from our payment processor, advising you whether your credit or debit card payment has been authorised. This acknowledgment relates to your payment and is not our acceptance of your order.

We will be entitled to refuse to accept your order if in our sole discretion we consider it necessary. If that happens we will let you know as soon as we can. If we accept your order, we will send you an acceptance without undue delay.

Once we have entered into a contract with you in accordance with paragraph 3, we shall supply you with the products and services that you specified in your order in accordance with the terms of the contract.


As a gesture of goodwill, we endeavour to inform you of the subscription renewal 3 days in advance of the expiration of your current subscription.

In the event that a renewal subscription fee is not received prior to the expiration date of your current subscription your service will be temporarily withheld.

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5. Price, Services & Payment

The price of the products and services will be calculated in pounds sterling (or such other currency as we may accept in our absolute discretion) and will be shown to you on our website at the bottom of your accepted Order.

The prices on our website are exclusive of Value Added Tax ("VAT"). Your order will show VAT both as a separate item and as included in the total price.

Subject to our obligation to supply the products and services at the price stated in a contract we reserve the right at any time to increase the list prices of the products and services and to change the range of products and services available. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as we can of changes to the range and any increase in prices.

If you fail to make any payment on the due date then, in addition to any other right or remedy available to us, we shall be entitled to

  • cancel the contract or suspend the performance of any services; and
  • take any payment made by you against such of the products and services as we may think fit; and
  • exercise our legal right to claim interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and subsidiary legislation as amended from time to time together with compensation for debt recovery costs.

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6. Cancellation & Refunds


Neetrix Ltd. products and services are offered on a month by month basis and requires advance notice on cancellations (to give us time to make sure your account is properly disconnected at the right time, to tidy up any remaining billing issues, and most importantly, to ensure you are not billed for the next payment period).

If you wish to cancel you must notify us of this at least 10 full days prior to your monthly billing date of the calendar month. If you do this no further fees will be due and service will cease on your monthly billing date. If you do not give sufficient notice then a further month's fees will be due for a further month's service until sufficient notice is given.

Subject to the provisions here, your account will be opened upon acceptance, and repeated in each successive billable period thereafter at the then applicable prevailing rates and charges, unless notice of cancellation is received from you, following the indicated method of cancellation below prior to the beginning of the next billable period.

By giving such cancellation notice, you understand that in the event of your cancellation for products and/or services, the following conditions shall apply:

  • You must notify us at least 10 full days prior to your monthly billing date of the calendar month to allow us to remove you from our billing system.
  • Any overages incurred until the time of cancellation will still remain due.
  • Setup fees may not be refundable.

If you should decide to cancel your account, just submit a ticket as indicated here with your request for cancellation and your service will be discontinued at the end of your next complete billing month.

All cancellations requests must be submitted to our billing department using our support ticket system. Cancellations over the telephone and informal email cancellations are not accepted for security reasons.

If Neetrix Ltd. does not receive written notification of cancellation or if you do not receive emailed acknowledgement of cancellation, you remain responsible for each billing period until such written notice is given. The minimum billing period is one month.

You are free to communicate with us to discuss your concerns and/or to familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy should the need arise.

If there are any specific terms accompanying the product and/or service (such as a software licence agreement) which contains terms about returning that product and/or service, the returns policy in the specific terms shall apply in place of the above term.

We may also suspend, restrict, modify or terminate your Neetrix account immediately if you breach any of these terms and conditions and/or if we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us.


It is at our sole discretion as to whether provide you with a refund on any subscription.

Neetrix Ltd. will not provide any refund generally on services provided unless unforeseen circumstances (such as major technical failures) occur.

However, in the event that we wish to provide a refund (at our sole discretion) for products and/or services, the following conditions shall apply:

  • Any subscription must be cancelled within 7 days of purchase. Any setup fees which were waived may be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • Any additional discounts which were applied may be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • Any overages incurred until the time of cancellation may be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • There will be no refunds for accounts which are terminated due to violations of these terms and conditions.
  • Setup fees may not be refundable.

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7. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights on this site, including but not limited to the copyright in the material contained in the website, together with the website design, text and graphics, and their selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software belong exclusively to Neetrix Ltd., its subsidiaries and/or the providers of such information. All rights are reserved. Our status (and that of any identified contributors) as the authors of material on our site must always be acknowledged.

You must not use any part of the materials on our site for commercial purposes without obtaining a licence to do so from us or our licensors.

None of this material may be reproduced or redistributed without our written permission.

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8. Data Protection

We are committed to protecting your privacy and endeavour to collect and use information supplied by you and other users of the website to improve the website and personalise your experience when you visit the website.

We may also use it to communicate to you via email, Help Desk (Live Chat, New Ticket etc) telephone, post and/or any alternative medium about changes in our services, or about services and features we think might interest you.

By registering with us, you are deemed to have consented to use of personal information for these purposes. However, you can opt out of such communications in the future by contacting us and/or making your preference known to us.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access. Our use of information about you is detailed in our Privacy Statement and Policy.

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9. Confidentiality

You should be aware that with the exception of debit/credit card numbers and the information we specifically request of you to enable us to enter into a contract with you, we do not wish to receive any information of a confidential or proprietary nature from you through this Website.

Any such information you send to us will be deemed by us not to be confidential in nature and you will have granted us an irrevocable licence to use, display, modify, transmit or distribute such information in any manner we shall reasonably decide. To understand more about how we deal with personal information, such as names and addresses, please refer to our privacy statement & policy.

Your customer information that has been entered on to the system is owned by you. We are not responsible for the correctness of this data and will treat this information as confidential to you. Your customer information will never be used by us or passed on to any third party for targeted marketing or communication purposes. We may use data that you have entered into the system for statistics about how the system is being used in order to improve our services to you.

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10. Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

Due to the nature of electronic transmission of data over the internet, any liability we may have for any losses or claims arising from an inability to access the website, or from any use of the website or reliance on the data transmitted using the website, is excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Except where liability cannot be excluded by law, we shall not be liable under or in relation to this Contract or its subject matter, whether such liability arises due to negligence, breach of contract, misrepresentation, and/or for any other reason excluding fraudulent misrepresentation for any technical, factual, textual or other typographical inaccuracies, errors or omissions in information on the website, for any loss or damage arising from the use of your credit or debit card on the website, for the unavailability of the website and/or any part of it, for any delay in providing or failing to supply the Products or Services, for loss or damage to the products which occurs during transit or for any loss of profits, loss of business, loss of anticipated savings, loss of sales or turnover, loss of, or damage to reputation, loss of contract, loss of customers, loss of, or loss of use of any software or data, loss of use of any computer or other equipment or plant, wasted management or other staff time, losses or liabilities under or in relation to any other contract or any indirect, consequential loss or damage, including loss or damage suffered by you as a result of an action brought by a third party, whether that loss:

  • arises naturally from any breach of the contract by us; and/or
  • was reasonably anticipated and/or contemplated by both of us when we entered into this contract; and/or
  • is one which you specifically informed us of and/or a likely consequence of a breach by us prior to that breach, etc such and/or any implied warranties are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

When such liability does arise, it shall be limited to the purchase price of the respective service.

We expressly agree that should any limitation of liability Condition or provision contained in the contract be held to be invalid under any applicable legislation and/or rule of law by reason of some part of that condition or provision it shall, to that extent, be deemed omitted. If we thereby become liable for loss or damage which would otherwise have been excluded or limited, as the case may be, such liability should be subject to the other applicable limitations and provisions set out in these terms and conditions.

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11. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify us and hold us, our employees, affiliates, agents, business partners and employees harmless from any loss, claim and/or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by a third party arising out of content you submit or transmit to this website, your use of the website or your breach of these terms and conditions.

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12. General Discretion

We may perform any of our obligations or exercise any of our rights ourselves or through any third party provider.

We also retain the right to screen, analyse any Neetrix account and following that, act on our sole discretion to suspend, terminate and/or charge you an additional fee for the abuse and/or attempted abuse of our system and/or resources.

For instance, we retain the right to analyse any Neetrix accounts that seem to use an excessive amount of resource (as in a proportionality more resource than anyone else) and will see why you may be using it. If our screening shows legitimate reasons, we shall endeavour to work towards a means which ensure such usage does not interfere with the enjoyment of services and products of other users and/or resolve the matter in our discretion following screening.

If you are abusing and/or attempting to abuse the system, such as by providing services to other third parties then we will act on our sole discretion to suspend, terminate and/or charge you an additional fee for the abuse and/or attempted abuse of our system and/or resources.

We shall endeavour to notify you of a decision if any such situation(s) arises.

Any notice which is given under these conditions shall be either by electronic communication and/or if by you, by pre-paid recorded delivery, addressed to us at the address in these conditions and/or if by us by electronic communication and/or first class post addressed to you at the delivery and/or email address on your order. Legal proceedings must be served by first class post or pre-paid recorded delivery only.

Any electronic communication, including your order, our acknowledgment of receipt of your order and our acceptance shall be deemed to be received when the party to whom the electronic communication is addressed is able to access it.

If we choose to ignore a breach by you of these conditions on one occasion, we may still take issue with you if you breach of the same or any other condition after that.

If a court decides that any of these conditions is legally unacceptable or ineffective in whole or in part, that shall not affect the other conditions or part conditions.

A person who is not a party to the contract shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to the benefit of any of these conditions, unless we agree otherwise in writing.

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13. Regulation

Terms and conditions

You shall comply with all laws and regulations applicable to your use of your Neetrix account and Neetrix Ltd. will comply with all applicable laws in the supply of the service.


You are responsible for all content held under your Neetrix account following your subscription, including content provided by you and/or by any person that you give editing rights to. However, we reserve the right to take any action with respect to your content if we believe it may create liability for Neetrix Ltd.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions of Use may be updated from time to time with the latest issue appearing on this page.

If we make significant changes to our terms and conditions, we may also notify you by other means, such as sending an email or posting a notice on our home page highlighting such.

Continued access of the site by you will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to our terms and conditions.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

We may suspend, restrict, modify or terminate your Neetrix account immediately if you breach any of these terms and conditions and/or if we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us.

Following termination a one week time period will be provided for the removal of your data.

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14. Applicable Law

We make no representation that materials or services at this site are appropriate or available for use outside England and Wales, and access to them from territories where their contents are illegal is prohibited. If you choose to access this site from outside England and Wales, you do so, on your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws.

You may not use or export or re-export the materials or services at this Site or any copy or adaptation in violation of any applicable laws or regulations including without limitation any English export laws and regulations.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and by using this site you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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15. Contact

Please contact us via Neetrix Help Desk if you have inquiries & concerns about our online terms and conditions.

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Neetrix is a fully integrated business software solution that provides everything a business needs from creating and managing websites, selling products and services online and offline, managing the company’s book keeping and accounts, taking control of the back office and managing customers and suppliers. Neetrix is completely online and securely available from any computer with an internet connection. There are no back-ups, no servers and no complicated IT support required. Everything is available from one location for a small monthly fee.
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