13 Jan 2012

The Contact Filter feature was developed by our team at Neetrix last year, and has since received a lot of very positive feedback and proven to be extremely useful to our customers. This reporting feature has improved Neetrix capability to create complex filters that you can use to identify key contacts for your campaigns or your potential renewable leads.

An example of such a contact filter would be filtering everyone from a certain postcode that has been in a particular contact group for a number of days and have a certain status but, because we have complete accounting integration too, can also filter out who did not purchase anything in the last 6 months.

The advanced filtering options can offer more fine-grained control over which customers to target for a specific marketing campaign. By filtering customers who have or have not purchased a specific product, or product group, during a specific period you can have additional control not just over your customers’ purchasing patterns, but also on how to act on the data you have gathered.

The Contact Filter addresses the need for businesses to target customers based on specific information. Your customers’ behaviour can be captured and used to better market your products. The new feature can help you segment the groups not just by choosing certain persons, but by including information on how interested they are in your products, or what they are interested in. The new integrated filter in the easy to use Neetrix interface brings together not just demographics but also psychographics.

For your business to grow, your marketing efforts need to rely on solid data. By tracking the data and analyzing it using the new Neetrix feature, you can be sure that all your marketing efforts will be worthwhile.

Although the ability to filter customers by their status, group or contact information has been embedded in our Neetrix suite since we started, we have developed the Contact Filter to the point of it becoming an even more useful tool for managing your accounts.

The new complex filters have helped our customers redefine their strategies and gather more relevant data to help them in the decision process for their marketing strategies. We have received positive feedback not just on this new feature, but also on our continuous efforts to improve our product and offer valuable tools for you to implement and use to develop your business.

We constantly receive updates from our customers, which are the most important incentives for us to continue developing our product in order to assist them in creating a successful business. And seeing that our customers thrive while using our business software makes us all the more willing to offer the perfect tools that help you get the most of your business data.

13 January 2012 09:13 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Dana Paradovschi
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