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Neetrix StoreFront provides you with user friendly, powerful online stores to showcase all your products and services together. StoreFront integrates with other Neetrix products, such as SiteFront, Accounting and Contacts, allowing a total automated solution to selling products online.

Discover a smarter way of managing multiple online stores without the need to replicate the products and services that you offer, as well as centralising your stock inventory management and orders.

Neetrix has allowed us to radically change the way in which we work and has aided our international growth strategy. With Neetrix, we now have a full solution from our website, right the way through to the billing and warehouse picking and now have even more ambitious plans for growth. We started with the SiteFront product, as 99% of our business is export, having a clear and well displayed website was absolutely key. But it didn’t take long for us to understand the full capabilities of what Neetrix could offer our business.  The ability to constantly update our website and avoid expensive developer costs is fundamental to our growth, it allows us to focus on other areas of the business such as sales. more testimonials
Tim Rodman
Pitchmark Ltd
Cross Site Selling
Highly advanced features including cross-site selling allow you to manage more than one e-commerce website from a single location and define which products will appear in each store, opening up new sales channel opportunities.
Order Fulfilment
Track the progress of all your orders and product stock, and manage them from a single screen, even when orders are from different websites or different sales channels.


Online Payments
Automate taking payments from your customers by giving them access to a range of payment methods such as PayPal and RBS WorldPay as well as offline options such as bank transfers and cheques.
Powerful Product Pricing
StoreFront provides the option to offer different pricing levels based on the customer type from Neetrix Contacts as well as the quantity they require. Additionally you have price matrix support to calculate costs for products and services where you have a complex pricing structure.
Product Options
Allow your customers to define the exact product they want by specifying options such as type, colour, size etc.


Product Variants
Serial Numbers
Product Documents
Product Suppliers
Product Categories
Items from your shop can be assigned to multiple categories to allow customers to find them easily. Specific products can also be marked as “featured”, showing them more prominently on your website.
Encourage your customers to buy from you by incentivising them with vouchers. Use codes for money off and % discounts on your site or over the phone.
Delivery Options
Define comprehensive delivery charge rules based on weight, dimensions or total order value as well as the type of delivery service required e.g. standard, express etc.
Product Specifications
Define product specifications for each item, enabling your customers to compare your products and improving their shopping experience.


Product Sales
Customer Product Sales


Stock Control
When products are purchased from any of your stores, the central inventory is updated so all sites are able to show accurate stock levels. You can even define custom messages for each store and product depending whether the product is in stock, low or out of stock.
Automate and brand invoices and delivery notes that are sent to your customers with your company logo or other relevant information.
Analyse product sales to understand which are your least and most popular product lines, and use this to plan future product lines to meet your customers needs.


Customer Data
New customers to your website have their data fed straight into Neetrix Contacts, to save time copying their details manually, following which the customer’s order history can be seen from Neetrix contacts too. 
For total automation, StoreFront can be fully integrated with Neetrix Accounting, allowing all order, invoice and payment information to be ready for your accountant, seamlessly.
Neetrix is a fully integrated business software solution that provides everything a business needs from creating and managing websites, selling products and services online and offline, managing the company’s book keeping and accounts, taking control of the back office and managing customers and suppliers. Neetrix is completely online and securely available from any computer with an internet connection. There are no back-ups, no servers and no complicated IT support required. Everything is available from one location for a small monthly fee.
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