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Neetrix Contacts is an easy-to-use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to store all your prospects, leads, customers and suppliers. It collects information from your different Neetrix components and stores it in one central place allowing you and your team to share and collaborate in real-time no matter what roles and responsibilities they have or where they are.

When used effectively, this database can be the lifeblood of your business from which to develop closer relationships, sales, cross-sell and up-sell additional products. You can integrate Neetrix Contacts into your marketing strategies by identifying target contacts based on very detailed information from across your entire business.

I chose Neetrix because it is fully customisable to allow me to record the client data I wish to record. I can use it to fit my business rather than have to alter the way I do business to fit my CRM system. The price is extremely good, as is the Neetrix customer service and support. more testimonials
Karen Hensman
Innovate IP
Profile Information
Store relevant information on each customer or supplier, all of which can be accessed easily from across all of the other areas within Neetrix.


Field Definition
Define your own, industry specific, fields for contact data collection, which can then be used to search, categorise and filter contacts.
Colour Coding
Prospects, leads, customers and suppliers can all be grouped under different colours. When a prospect becomes a customer, you simply move them with the click of a mouse.
Group Segregation
Customers can be assigned to multiple, colour coded groups, allowing powerful access to groups of clients with common features.


Send emails from within Neetix using your own email account - multiple email accounts can be accessed through Neetrix if you wish to send emails from different accounts.
Create standard templates for emails and letters which can be accessed and utilised by all staff members.


Secondary Contacts
Contact information can include other members of their organisation.


Define relationships between your different contacts to track business connections, referrals and much more..
Staff members can be allocated as account managers for specific customers and where required access to different customer accounts can be restricted.


Common Files
Document storage system for company wide files, allowing shared access for all staff members, such as product brochures.
Contact Files
Easily managed documents that are specific to a contact, including the ability to attach them to emails sent directly from Neetrix.
Email Attachments
Templates can be predefined to include attachments such as shared documents, pdfs or images.


Create tasks for yourself or other members of staff, including notifications of completion. You can even ask Neetrix to email you a digest of tasks every day.
Staff Collaboration
View other staff members’ tasks for your shared contacts to allow for better collaboration.


The dashboard contains summary information of upcoming and current tasks, as well as a quick search facility and graphical reports on your customer status and group.
Calendar View
Monthly, weekly or daily view of all current tasks for yourself as well as the ability to view calendars for other staff members on Neetrix.
Record multiple notes for each of your contacts to track emails, phone calls and more. All of which can be shared between staff members.
Daily Digest
Get a daily digest every morning of all the tasks that are coming up for the day or you have missed with links directly to the contact they are associated with.


Quick Search
Search facility on the main dashboard allowing you to rapidly find both customers and suppliers on a range of predefined fields.
Full Search
Ability to search on a wider range of fields including both groups, status and managers.
Advanced Filter
Extensive search facility, allowing you to filter contacts by any criteria within Neetrix, including visual representations of the data returned. Filter criteria are saved to be used again and again as well as exporting to spreadsheet programs.


Bulk Actions
Search and filter results can be used to perform a number of processes en masse for a group of contacts.
For those who also have Neetrix Accounting, access to customer billing information is available within Contacts.


Bill Of Quantity


Global Labels
Mass Contact Updater


Document Templates
External Contact Form


Neetrix is a fully integrated business software solution that provides everything a business needs from creating and managing websites, selling products and services online and offline, managing the company’s book keeping and accounts, taking control of the back office and managing customers and suppliers. Neetrix is completely online and securely available from any computer with an internet connection. There are no back-ups, no servers and no complicated IT support required. Everything is available from one location for a small monthly fee.
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