06 Dec 2010

Freezing temperatures and snow in the U.K. are disrupting the supply chain for retailers. Some of them, located away from the cities are at risk of running out of fuel. As Britain is experiencing the earliest snowfall since 1993, frozen roads and disrupted traffic stand in the way of running a traditional brick and mortar business. Extreme winter spells may last for a days and this year’s early start to winter has disrupted road, rail and air transport not only in Britain, but also in many parts of northern Europe. As snow covered much of the country, delays on major roads and railway lines or closing down of airports are creating havock for businesses of every kind.

With both employers and employees unable to get to work, and offices closed due to the unfavourable weather conditions, the only place you could feel safe would be up in the cloud. Online businesses can be protected from such crises and Neetrix suite caters to the needs of every entrepreneur who decides to move his business online. Not only can you host your websites using SiteFront, your ecommerce store using StoreFront, but everything from Accounting to Marketing and and Customer Service can be accommodated by our flexible platform.

If you want to be protected against any adverse weather conditions, there is no safer place than cloud computing. Office administration, control over products and stock, order processing and everything related to online trade is made easy with the feature rich Neetrix business software. Wherever you are, at any time, you can leverage your business which is safely based in the cloud. Cost-efficient and powerful tools are created for you by the Neetrix team to streamline any processes which are part of your day to day business operations. No more telecommuting, no costs related to office and transportation.

Neetrix business software offers new features to automate your business, order and payment processes, inventory management or customer support tasks, offering you the freedom to be and work wherever you are. You can advertise your products all around the clock, no matter what extreme weather conditions the world below the cloud experiences. There is no need to travel from your house to your office anymore, you can just sit next to a warm fireplace with your laptop and make sure your business runs smoothly with just a few clicks of the mouse.

06 December 2010 14:38 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Dana Paradovschi
Neetrix is a fully integrated business software solution that provides everything a business needs from creating and managing websites, selling products and services online and offline, managing the company’s book keeping and accounts, taking control of the back office and managing customers and suppliers. Neetrix is completely online and securely available from any computer with an internet connection. There are no back-ups, no servers and no complicated IT support required. Everything is available from one location for a small monthly fee.
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