20 Sep 2009

In the past months, we, at Neetrix, have been very busy in adding more features and services to the already booming Neetrix system. We have been consistent in our pledge to offer you something new and unique in our system to make your Neetrix experience productive, professional, and worthwhile.

All our hard work is worth it when we know we have delivered unparalleled online business experience. These unswerving improvements and additions to Neetrix are set to get you even better sales and growth in your online business. This month, we have incorporated two more features to boost your online business scheme. These are two third party web services that can provide you additional highlights in your Neetrix SiteFront system.
What are these web services? How can these services be beneficial and supportive to your Neetrix SiteFront business system?
Disqus Comments and Profile allows blogs and website owners and visitors to have a single sign on and management interface for the discussions or comments they make around the web. Neetrix has found this web service very useful. Because we know the value of giving you and your customers the platform to interact, it has implemented Disqus in the SiteFront system.
Its implementation in the SiteFront system allows you to incorporate a commenting system in your own SiteFront blog after you sign up to a new Disqus account. Disqus is a powerful comment system and moderation tool. Visitors of your SiteFront business website can leave comments on the articles you have written. It can be the central database of all the comments you receive. Furthermore, you can monitor and reply to the comments made by your visitors.
With the straight-forward ideas, opinions, and comments you get from your patrons, you are able to make some adjustments and improvements in your SiteFront business website. You get first-hand ideas of your clienteles’ needs and wants on your online business.
Neetrix also added Captcha to the SiteFront system. Captcha is a challenge-response test to ensure that all or any forms submitted through SiteFront are filled out by humans. Sites that require registration generally have certain messaging systems. Bots can fill out these registration forms, create multiple accounts, and send out spam. Contact forms in various sites that will generally deliver messages to the site owner can also be completed by bots. This will result to spam messages sent to the site owner if the contact forms in his or her site is not properly coded.
Captcha is the definite solution to protect your registration and contact forms against bots. This anti-spam service is your practical security against junk data crowding your inboxes. In other words, Captcha defends and guards your SiteFront system from other computers from filling out your forms.
Both Disqus and Captcha are services that will help you more in managing your online business. We are very excited of these new additions to the system. We guarantee that these additions will increase your productivity and protection.
As always, you can send us feedbacks or suggestions. You may want to suggest other web services we can incorporate in the Neetrix system. We always value your views and opinions as these will motivate us to unfailingly strive to provide and offer you more useful features!!
20 September 2009 10:06 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Christian Buenavista
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