10 May 2009
Tired of the same old look on your online store? Would you rather like your visitors to browse your online store that exudes a far better look and feel to suit the type of products and services that you offer? We have just the solution for you!
We are always striving to add new features to make your online business experience get far better sales conversions and growth. This is why we always appreciate, and consider all your feedback and suggestions. One recently was that an online shop owner wanted to customise some of the areas of her shop far more than she could do with her previous online store.
We thought this was a great suggestion and would benefit all of our Neetrix businesses that traded online using Neetrix StoreFront and Neetrix SiteFront. So today we have upgraded how your online store works. The Neetrix engineers have, over the last few weeks, been very busy adding a whole new templating system into StoreFront and SiteFront.
StoreFront has always allowed you to manage your products and service sales and stock online. With SiteFront and StoreFront working together, you have a formidable e-commerce avenue that can bring you a secured online sales channel. Customers can add products and services into their shopping carts, go through the quick and simple check-out process, along with confirmations, and finally making their card payments all through your own website.
However, the suggestion highlighted the uniqueness and individuality of the various Neetrix businesses and the products and services they offer. From today, you can now change the look of the cart pages, and all levels of the checkout pages, from collecting personal details to the final thank you pages at the end. However, on top of this we are now allowing extreme customisation of the product category pages so that they can be as effective as possible as pushing the sales of brands or particular product types.
Not only can you personalize the appearance, but also manage all of the content on these pages just like you can with any standard web page in the Neetrix SiteFront content management system. Pushing brands and services that you offer is paramount to having a successful online store. An online store has just one goal, and that is to convert visitors into regular paying customers who wish to purchase your most profitable products or services, and the ability to push the quality of your services through a quality, easy to use store will directly increase this.
We thank all of our customers for their feedback and we look forward to announcing more and more enhancements to the Neetrix platform in the upcoming months. So please keep sending it in no matter how small!
10 May 2009 12:18 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Christian Buenavista
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