12 Oct 2010

A successful ecommerce site can ensure the exposure of your products and services to potential customers, showcasing them to an entire world of prospects. Neetrix Suite allows you to build and manage an ecommerce site using StoreFront and the features that we are continually adding are designed to make your work easier. As we receive requests from our customer to improve the features of our business software, we are constantly working on improving our product based on feedback from our users.

Printing and material retailers that are currently using Neetrix Suite have requested a Price Matrix feature that would allow them to offer their customers the option to select different sizes and types for the products they are interested in. Not only the customers benefit from this new feature, but also the store owner who can better manage a wide variety of potential prices per product. As we added this capability all the way down to the Product Option level, our customers can now easily manage combinations that can mount to hundreds of potential prices per product.

Setting up a price matrix couldn’t be easier with the new UI that offers improved speed and functionality. Buying online is made easy for your customers, no matter how varied your products are. Price can be calculated per unit, per volume, per size or per weight measure. You can edit the price matrix to suit the particular characteristics of your product.

A rigid price structure cannot allow to calculate price accurately. This is why an ecommerce software has to have a feature that allows you to calculate through a price matrix that can accurately get the end product cost. The easier such a feature is, the better. You may have various prices for various customers, Neetrix allows you to customize any price feature that is particular to your products and the user interface created by our team allow you to make any change easily with just a few click of the mouse. With our new feature you can leverage the different pricing options and be sure you are offering your customers the option to correctly calculate the price for the products they are interested in.

If you are an existing customer make sure to take full advantage of the new Price Matrix feature. If you are planning to use our business software to build an online presence, you will be pleased to discover a feature rich business solution that is constantly evolving to meet our client’s needs.

12 October 2010 15:29 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
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