15 Oct 2009

Once you have set up a business with ecommerce operations, a necessary part of the transactions between customer, businesses and the banking institutions is a payment gateway to be used for facilitating electronic transactions. A payment gateway represents a point of sale terminal such as the ones located at most retail outlets. And as such, a payment gateway is the essence of any ecommerce site.

Online shopping site is difficult to run without technical support. This is where Neetrix can help you, offering your customers multiple payment options on your website. Most customers are accustomed to paying for goods and services online using their credit card. Being flexible to your customers and offering them multiple options will increase their likelihood to buy from you.

Payment gateways will allow you to accept and process credit cards payments online. A payment gateway is a software application that helps the website communicate with the bank associated with a credit or debit card account. Businesses can use payment gateways for online transactions to make selling their products easy for their customers and for their own accounting purposes.

StoreFront and SiteFront has just incorporated the first of many payment gateways to come in the near future. Integration of payment gateways with StoreFront will mean that any transaction is automatically fed into your accounting system.

The business software solution Neetrix is offering has incorporated a payment gateway, as a tool used to transfer information between a payment portal, a website, mobile phone or IVR service and the bank. When you order a product from a payment gateway-enabled merchant, the payment gateway processes the transaction, encrypts the information to be sent and communicates between the financial institutions involved and the customer. Orders are automatically screened for fraud by the gateway.

Paypal is the most popular of the payment gateways available. Thousands of businesses accept Paypal payments, it has a range of payment services that can help you accept a number of payments. For many potential customers, using Paypal for transactions is convenient and safe. Its versatility is one of the reasons why Paypal is so popular. It offers secure transactions, it is easy to set up and has integrated payment options.

Payment gateways take advantage of the Internet to send and receive information. They allow for more accurate and immediate authorization of payment. This is a much faster method compared to older credit card processing via phone lines.

Neetrix ecommerce and webhosting business software is proud to announce integration of the first payment gateways as part of our package. Payment gateway integration is easier through our ecommerce and web host services. It is not only compatible with your ecommerce site but there are no additional costs for enabling this feature in your account. The normal PayPal transaction fees will apply.

15 October 2009 13:12 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Dana Paradovschi
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