22 Nov 2009

The business software that puts everything to your fingertips is now out of beta and available to purchase! SiteFront, StoreFront and CRM are the first set of applications that make up the Neetrix suite. Everything you need for your business to save time and do more is online and easy to use, with SiteFront, StoreFront and CRM fully integrated into a comprehensive business software management system.

You can create and maintain websites that would show case your business with SiteFront, trade your services and products on the Internet using StoreFront, and CRM is available to speed up your administrative work and to enhance your relationship with your clients making sure you never miss an opportunity.

Collaborating is made easy with Neetrix business software. Because all these applications work together so tightly, they can help make your day-to-day tasks execute with far greater efficiency, and provide a number of “neat tricks” because of the way the information is shared between different aspects for your business.

Hosted online, Neetrix business software is an economical way to use all the very latest in computing technology. You do not have to buy and install different pieces of software for each business application you might need, in fact you don’t need to install any software as the entire Neetrix suite will run from any modern browser on any operating system be it Windows, Apple Mac or Linux workstation. Neetrix will take care of your software needs without you having to employ IT staff for solving related installation and maintenance problems or needing to purchase thousands of pounds on expensive office equipment.

You can access everything included in the Neetrix business software online, whether you are in your office, home or on the move. You and your team will be continuously connected and the same is true for your customers or suppliers.

We offer you the option of creating a professional website to cater to your particular needs through SiteFront. And with an expanding business, you can also add as many sites as you need. Choosing from the themes, colourways or backdrops is easy and intuitive. Add your own banners, logos or images or upload them from the Internet.

Do you need your own department store on the Internet? StoreFront is offering the perfect solution for highlighting your products. You can start with a main StoreFront website and develop as many sub-sites as you need.

With Neetrix business software you can perform all the usual tasks related to running a business, controlling stock, processing orders or issuing invoices and everything will be integrated with the CRM component to give you a general or detailed picture of how your business is doing at any particular moment. We are here to help you run your business, if you want to know more just contact one of team for a free consultation.

22 November 2009 11:45 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Dana Paradovschi
Neetrix is a fully integrated business software solution that provides everything a business needs from creating and managing websites, selling products and services online and offline, managing the company’s book keeping and accounts, taking control of the back office and managing customers and suppliers. Neetrix is completely online and securely available from any computer with an internet connection. There are no back-ups, no servers and no complicated IT support required. Everything is available from one location for a small monthly fee.
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